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Aug 16, 2018 · For instance, at the Las Vegas South Point casino, they offer 1 point for every $1 played in the slots. 4,000 points are good for $12 in comps or cash. Important Tips and Tricks Obviously, you need to always use your card, but your rate of tracking for table games can easily be influenced. Secrets to Getting More Comps for Your Slot Play Check at the slot club to be sure of specific casino rules: some give more comps to dollar players than to quarter ones. 2. It used to be that almost all casinos based comps for machine players strictly on coin-in. High-tech tracking systems now allow casinos to add other factors to the formula. What are comps and how do I get them? - Travel 2 Las Vegas "Comps" is just a short way of saying "complimentaries". They are the freebies given away by casinos to entice you to spend money in their casinos. A comp can be anything from a free keychain to a luxury weekend hotel stay including 3,000 square foot suite with butler service, limo transportation and free airfare to Las Vegas.

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lasvegasinsider.com | Las Vegas Comps Guide, How to Get ... Almost all casinos in Las Vegas have a slot club card to do this. Search out the slot club booth in the casino, they will ask you for an ID, and to fill out a card with your name, address, phone and social security number and they issue you a plastic, credit card sized card with an ID number on it.

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Top 10 Las Vegas Casino Comp Clubs Have a look through this Las Vegas Comp Club Guide as there are always lots of little extras on offer to players. Have a look at the list of real money slot casino sites if you are looking to play Las Vegas slot games or visit US casino sites page to view real money online casinos in USA.

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Learn all about the casino comping system. Whether you prefer table games or slot machines, in this section you can find all the information you need to know about casino comps. How it works, how to find the best Players Clubs, how to earn comps, how to redeem comps, how […] THE EXPERTS GUIDE TO COMPS - By Henry Tamburin 1. The number one way to get comps is to join the slot club before you play any casino game. Then put your card in any machine you play and starting earning points that will get you comps. If you play the tables, give your slot club card to the dealer before you make your first bet.